One thing I've always noticed about KCCC on my hair that I see the same on your hair is that it can make the top layers look almost "too" defined. It makes very thin clumps that wind up not blending with the lower layers. Your hair looks thick and so smooth, the last thing you need to do is dry it out.

One of the problems with my "canopy" right now, is I butchered it being into the shortest layers on my head (right before I went CG in August '11), so it doesn't have the length to spiral all the way. The more it grows the curlier and thicker it gets. Depending on where you live, though, the winter air can make hair way less springy.

When I'm visiting my mother-in-law in the mountains I have a "trick" for helping my hair not to be a straight mop of static. I add some hair gel to my cleanser when I wash, then rinse it out when you rinse the cleanser. I wore my hair short for many years, and my hair just flops in very low dew points plus cold air, to the point where it's like different hair. I can easily have straight hair just by blow-drying when my hair is short. One time when I was visiting my MIL, I got curious on my guinea-pig self and decided to try my MIL's shampoo. I'd never even seen the stuff in my life, which made me even more curious. It was called Wash & Curl. I could feel a difference right away when I was rinsing my hair. My hair started to "spring" up into shape even when it was soaked. I read the ingredients of her shampoo and it seemed as though it had hair gel ingredients in it. (PVP maybe?). Whenever I do my "cleanse" in super low dew point temperatures, I add a little hair gel, and it gives that extra little boost.

I almost bought the Wave Serum when I was at Sally's. In fact, it was what I originally planned to buy, but the SA recommended the custard. I'm going to try the Serum soon, because it might work like Pillow Soft Curls - sans DDT, hydrochloric acid and thalidomide.

Let me know how it works!
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