Theoretically I had to do all the maintenance on my cars. I did oil changes, changed the air filter and wiper blades regularly myself. For the more expensive stuff, I was really grateful my dad is handy. When brakes had to be replaced, I bought the shoes and we replaced them ourselves. Same with rotors (sp?) And the timing belt. If I was short on cash to a new battery or tires, my dad would pay for it, then I would pay him back. It was my car, I fully expect to maintain it.

And it helps that my dad just casually happens to mention when things need to be done. I would go to get my oil changed and get a laundry list of things wrong with my car. I'd call my dad and he'd chuckle and tell me they weren't as dire as the mechanic said and told me to let him worry about what needed to be fixed when. Generally in life, if my dad says to do something or even casually mentions something in a "you should think about doing this, it would be a good idea" way, 9 times out of 10, I do it. He's not one to blow things out of proportion and if he mentions something, it's something you really should listen to. So and my dad make sure my car is maintained, but I pay.

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