In no particular order....

Anti-breakage mask is so moisturizing. Plus it has amazing slip & smells great. Cheaper, more available alternative to DCs that I love, but have to order online.

Purification shampoo practically cured my dandruff! I use it diluted & it does the trick. Sometimes it's a little drying & I don't love the smell, but it is phenomenal for scalp issues.

Curl/Anti-breakage milk- I use either one to refresh my hair in the morning. They both smell good & get the job done.

I'm a part of the almost invisible minority that hated the smoothie. It made my hair dull & dry. I tried using it a million different ways before I returned it. The restorative DC was just okay, I would buy it in a pinch. The smell bothered me a little, though. I also like the restorative conditioner as a rinse out. It has okay slip. Still searching for an HG conditioner.