Kind of a side story …

Before her fairly recent retirement, my mom loved to complain vociferously about the union she was forced to join as a public health nurse working for county government. She saw it as a complete waste of money.

Fast forward to her retirement, then the Great Recession. All of her friends and family in her age range are panicked about losing their retirement investments. Meanwhile, she's sitting pretty with a nice pension that is well protected.

She now works part-time, but only so she can afford to get her kitchen remodeled or go on trips. Her ongoing expenses are more than covered and as she puts it, she has more money than she knows what to do with. Meanwhile everyone she knows who's retired like her is having to follow strict budgets and forego vacations.

She still votes Republican, but she at least has the good sense not to complain vocally about unions anymore. :/ If she did, I or my sisters would totally call her on that **** and she knows it.