i cant help but feel like, Isreal is the kid on the playground bullying palestine. Sometimes palesine fights back and may even initiate the fight, but Isreal is still the bigger of the two and have more friends who will back them up. Even the school's principal will let Isreal get way with bullying. The rules are set, but then Isreal breaks them, and when Palestine fights back, they are the bad guys.

I feel like America is letting their friend be mean to this other kid, but at the same time claims to want them to get along. I dont think allowing Isreal to get away with being a big bully is going to led to peace. It will just lead to resentment from the bullied country and whatever allies they have. i think this could had been avoided along time ago. When Isreal would break the rules adn try to be a bully, instead of letting the bully be a bully, they should had called isreal on its ish, told them flat out, "we wouldnt let other countries do this, we wont let you do this!" But instead Isreal got a free pass to be a bully.

The people who are left to suffer are the innocent civilains on both sides. I saw a bit of a documetary a while ago. never got to finish it maybe someone here has seen it and can tell me the name. i cant really remember the details, but I will try my best. The isreal gov/army was moving onto the palestines side (which they were not suppose to do) and they were going to take away an old man's home (or tear it down or something like that). and the people, palestine and israelis alike stood up against the army to try to save the old mans home. I remember the old man was in a chair in front of the army to protect his home. the bit I seen of it, made me realize that the people of the area wants peace, its the idiots in charge who are ruining all of their lives. I say we put them all in a Hunger games type of situation and while they are trying to survive, we let the people live in peace.