i heard this morning that they are going to be talking about trying to save the company. the outcry/outrage must have been tremendous.

And Hostess isnít alone in giving executives massive raises while asking for concessions from union workers either: construction giant Caterpillar rewarded its CEO with a 60 percent pay raise, paying him $17 million, even as it forced a pay and pension freeze on its union workforce
Caterpillar bought the Canadian company ElectroMotive a few years back - they got major concessions and help from the right-wing federal gov't in order to do so.

last December 31st, instead of bargaining in good faith with the union (contract expired that day), they locked out the workers, NEVER negotiated at all, and then closed the company after two months.

i'm pretty sure they haven't paid back the money they got from our gov't and our slimey Prime Minister let the whole thing happen without a peep.
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