The porosity thing makes sense. I guessed high porosity because even though it doesn't catch, there is definitely a squeak and somewhere around here I read that was high porosity.

That said, I've never felt like I had hair (when healthy) that needed any attention paid to how much product I put in, seemed to be fine with a lot or a little. Except right after a big cut when I think my glands need to readjust to less length needing less oil production and it gets really greasy within a few hours of washing for about a month after a big cut. And then the only other time is actually just the last couple weeks, out of nowhere anything I was putting in my hair was too much even when the very tips seemed to be begging for something and I would avoid the scalp, I was getting major greasiness. I attributed it to traveling from VA to PA to CT right at a time when it was winter and dry already up north but still temperate at home, so again overproduction from a shock to the system was my guess. Maybe it's possible this is actually a low porosity issue combined with fully functioning sebum glands?

I have been plopping with a tee shirt while wondering why in the world it is such a great thing as it's instantly soaked and doesn't seem to draw the moisture away at all. I've actually done a similar thing for years, when I wanted some curl, using a regular towel and putting styling product in before doing the "towel turban", but maybe the tee shirt isn't for me. I have microfiber and being a former cloth diapering momma, I have plenty of really good quality cotton diapers that I could try too. If all else fails, I'll buy that towel and try it. I'm in this for curls or bust.

I am bummed about discovering CG in November I'm sure August would have found me much curlier, but I'll see what I can get out of my hair for now.
2a/b, low-po, medium/medium, HIGH elasticity, 4" past BSL

Co-wash & LI: Suave Naturals Waterfall Mist
Curl Cream: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Styling: FSG

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