I went to a liberal arts college and my communications major also did not have a lot of business classes. I actually ended up minoring in business to add that in.

That said, I wouldn't stress too much about your major. It is important of course, but I think as students we tend to over emphasize the importance of it. The reality is, you learn most what you will do in your career by working on the job and from your managers and mentors, not in school. The purpose of school is to teach you how to think, analyze, and relate, more than anything else.

And if you are worried about the perception of future employers, I think it is very common for communication majors to end up in the marketing field. I actually think I got more out of my comm classes than my business classes when it comes to understanding how to think critically, speak well, and write... the skills I use on a daily basis in my career.

I would suggest studying what you enjoy learning and the rest will come.
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Thanks. I just wanted a little information on what I was getting into since the deadline for foreign students is rapidly approaching. Also, is the job market in the USA saturated with folks coming out of school going into marketing and PR? I tried doing google searches but didn't come out with much.
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Another consideration is majoring in journalism. Or at least taking some classes in it. I know tons of people who when they are tired of the rat race go into PR. I probably will one day too. In my experience former journalists tend to make better PR people and are easier to work with because they understand our needs and deadlines. They are comfortable on camera, give better interviews and don't send us three page releases. Some PR people we hate dealing with because they will invite us to stuff and then when we show up they tell us we can't take pictures. Why invite us? Or they use too much industry lingo that common people won't understand so we have to "translate."
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