I got back on the CG train about a week ago. I'm waiting for some product from the Gray Friday sale to get here (that couldn't have been better timed). While waiting I have done a couple of DT/PT with home made recipes and Deva's Heaven-In-Hair. The good news, my hair is already showing signs of improved damage (hoorah!). My hair is of medium texture and medium porosity (from what I can tell- might try the LiveCurlyLiveFree analysis?).

However, I'm wondering if there is a "curl booster" product or home remedy of some sort. My hair is still limper than it was, even if improved, and I'm eager to get back what I had and maybe more. Any suggestions?

Current Products I'm Experimenting with:
SheaMoisture Raw Organic Shea Shampoo (every 2-3 days, twice a week)
Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle (for clarifying, have not used it yet)
SheaMoisture Smoothie
DevaCurl Cond. (use as a co-wash most days and leave in)

I ordered a lot of CJ, including the Deep Fix, Smoothing Lotion, Daily Fix, CiaB, Rehab...

Asl always, thank you Curlies.

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