-Rou, what a sad story.

-Ok, so the combination of a caramel brulee latte and roaming around Target is LETHAL. I had six items on my list and came out with... well, let's just say WAY more than that. I did finally find some pretty mercury glass votive holders for my mantel, score!

-White corn meal, I found you!! I was beginning to worry.

-Mr. Rotten Stubby Legs (aka Calvin) didn't poop on the floor today! Amen, y'all!! I bought a refill for his DAP plug in because I totally forgot it was empty and I distinctly remember we stopped having as many leaving him home alone issues when I started using it. It may be coincidence, but worth a try again. It's so much happier to come home and not have a mess to clean up.

-Totally loving our reusable napkins, they're so cute! I've got to learn to sew and make my own.
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My Pal Cal!

I googled DAP and this was what I came up with...

Verb:Fish by letting the fly bob lightly on the water without letting the line touch the water.Synonyms:fish - angle
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