Thank you! I just tried it this afternoon. Mixed jBCO with some coconut oil and tea tree oil and just put it on my scalp and massaged. Planning on leaving it on overnight. What do you suggest I wash it out with? Will SM moisture retention wash it out? Or would I need to use a clarifying shampoo? My hair is pretty thin on my head so you can totally tell I have oil in my hair. Next time I'm planning to use a lot less of the coconut oil in the hope that it won't show as much.
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I don't wash it out at all. It's my sealant and I apply it before I apply my leave-in conditioner. Your scalp and hair will absorb the oil. It's no need to rinse or wash out. Just don't put too much in your hair. Just an adequate amount to where its not running. I usually just run the applicator on in my head a couple of times and massage, usually 4 long swipes through your head then massage. If your head feels greasy, you've used too much.