Curl Rehab doesn't have the usual "protein", "hydrolyzed", or "amino acids" that are straight up proteins or pieces of a protein, but it does have herbal extracts. Any herbal extracts have trace amounts of protein, because plants contain a bit of protein. So, they can act like proteins for people whose hair is protein sensitive. See here.

Also, if you don't want to shell out for a shower filter yet, you might try rinsing with distilled water first. If that helps, then opt for a shower filter.
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There are a lot of threads about water filters, if you do a search. The only showerhead water softener I recall reading about was something called a ShowerStick but most of the threads are about water filters (chlorine). I prefer to use a shower filter and an occasional sulfate poo, while others prefer to use a clarifying conditioner or low poo (sulfate free) with EDTA (or other chelating ingredient) to help remove the build up from hard water.

ETA: Thanks for posting the highlights of your conversation with Mary Pat. I hope the coconut curlada continues to work well for you!
3a (protein sensitive)
Fine, normal porosity, normal elasticity

Cleansers: Mop-C Hydrating Shampoo, JCGLS
Conditioners: CJCR, TJTTT
Leave-in: CJCR, CK Satin Roots
Stylers: UFDCM, CJPP
Standby items:GVP K-Pak

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