Hooray! I'm glad the Fioricet seemed to work for you. Does the Imitrex not work for you when you actually have a migraine? I usually wake up with them and take one and it will take care of it if I lay back down for a bit longer to let it get into my system. If the migraine isn't better in 2 hours, I can take another Imitrex with a maximum of 4 per day.

I took myself off on a jaunt to a local health food store. There's only one in the valley and it has my flavored Stevia drops, which I've been too poor to purchase for like, ever...I finally had money and needed the magnesium and found both at this store. It was like an act of GD to find them, though. Because, you know, it wouldn't make sense at ALL to put two magnesium supplements by each other or anything. And can I just say holy majoly these pills are massive! Now I'm going to order me some magnesium oil online because frankly, I don't want to try to find it on the ground.
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I haven't tried an Imitrex yet, I will have to next time it really hits me. But I had heard it doesn't help if you don't take it right away, so I thought I'd try the Fioricet instead today. They only gave me 9 Imitrex pills, they are 100mg and it says I can take one at the onset then one more 2 hours later, max 2 in 24 hrs.

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