Thank you so much for the hugs, Saria. Man, if I didn't come here, it would be so much easier for these things to beat me down - it's not like they don't succeed as it is, but I recover so much faster with the release/group therapy of this thread. Once I do get out on my own, I'm gonna be on such a high I am going to act out ALL of the happy .gifs. Even the ones that are puppies or something. I'll find a way.

The Barnes & Noble trip definitely helped, too. Once the store closed, my friend, her sister and I went to her house to eat some cookies, and when I got there, her parents insisted on feeding me soup with noodles and tea as well. At some point in our conversation, my friend's sister decided to show us this video that her friend had posted on Facebook:
Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman (Official HD Version) - YouTube
OMG. Her reactions were better than the video! My friend and I were dying laughing. Her sister was dying of a combination of laughter and EPIC FREAKOUT over what was on the computer screen. ("AAAAAAAAAA HE LOOKED UP!...NO WAIT YOU DIDN'T DRINK IT YET!! NOT THE TEEEEAAAAA!!!") It was awesome.

My friend and I also discovered while at B&N that we both have recently been thinking of the logistics of living in a van, completely independently of each other. Other than the variations in planning caused by me already having my old rusty van and her being able to plan for the ideal no-windows-in-the-back model (for maximum privacy, obvs), our plans were SO SIMILAR, too. One of us would share our plan for how to deal with some necessity and the other would be like "DUDE, ME TOO." We also each got some interesting new ideas from each other. It was a very productive...hypothetical van living conversation, and a great "this is why we're friends" moment. We're the same kind of crazy! (Which we've decided is also why the careers in THG team up instead of going at each other first: "Ooh, you enjoy killing people? Me, too!")

It's great to talk to her about THG, which I've been demanding that she read so we can talk about it, lol. She's finished Catching Fire now and I'm already impatient for her to read Mockingjay. It's so fun to have a conversation with someone where we totally crack up at all the flaws in an enjoyable work (rather than either of us being all NO I LIKED IT SO IT'S PERFECT) - because let's be honest, this trilogy was made for quick consumption, so apply some fridge logic and there are some very amusing issues to bring up along with all the food (heh) for thought. Like, dang, those people sure are good at starving despite having multiple renewable food sources at their disposal. (Goat+hunting+gathering = empty stomach. Headcanon: they have five or so.)

Or how the Mellarks have a single pig, an animal that eats two people's worth of food a day and can't reproduce without a partner, which is never stolen by the many people starving to death around them. Headcanon: Peeta's dad is the head of a pig worshiping religion. Enough of District 12 follows his teachings to keep him and his family from getting lynched for owning this pig and feeding it all the surplus fresh food that the very few rich people haven't bought. This is clearly where it goes, since the family only eats stale stuff. Peeta's mom is a nonbeliever, leading to much tension in the house, which is why she commits blasphemy by disparaging their piggy overlord and telling Peeta to feed the pig burnt bread. This is also a big part of what gave her such anger issues that she beats her son on a regular basis.

It's very interesting to consider how the book would have gone if Katniss were meant to read as sociopathic as she comes off. Especially if you imagine that Katniss is a career - this fits so well with the majority of her internal monologue! Going the other way and making her a normal (albeit remarkably dense, bless her heart) person the way the books see her seems to be as simple as cutting out all of her internal monologue. We are both really looking forward to seeing more of this in the next movie.

This isn't a logic or research flaw, but LOL my friend was getting so fed up with the rhapsodizing about bread in the first one. Especially since it always went "This is Peeta. Peeta=bread BREAD ZOMG <3<3<3!!!" I feel that the obvious conclusion is that Collins was low-carbing it while writing THG and was really jonesing for some nice fluffy rolls. I bet she would've even traded TWO squirrels per roll if she were in Katniss's shoes.

I don't know if we'll be having as much fun with the last one when she reads it. It's pretty morose.

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