I had an interview yesterday to be an admin at a college in the city. The ad said they preferred a Master's degree or higher. (Which I do not have.)

I went in for the interview and they said they prefer people with MBA's, but that my cover letter was SO SO SO SO great that they had to call me in because maybe I could offer a fresh perspective.

I asked why they preferred MBA's, and they said because it says a lot about somebody that they put themselves through higher education.

(I don't quite think that's fair? I mean, there are many reasons why some people go to grad school...a lot just go because they have nothing else to do...and why some people DON'T go to grad school...no money/not sure what they would exactly want to study...)

And before anybody says, "But I don't you didn't want a day job"...no no no no NO, I am not waiting tables again. I don't WANT TO DO THAT. I feel like my confidence is too fragile to be treated like that by customers and management. No. I'm not doing that. At this point, I'll take a nice little receptionist job that would leave me time and energy to write, but that is proving way more easier said than done.

I feel incredibly screwy right now. I'm still blaming myself and I'm still looking back and I want to smack myself in the head every time I do so. I know it's the wrong move. I am SO FRUSTRATED. I feel like all my friends, even if they get laid-off, just go on one or two interviews and get a job. I feel like something is just so wrong with me that I struggle like this just to get fired all the time. I don't want to feel depressed and hopeless, but I do.