I've been using them sort of sporadically...I'm still trying to figure out how much I can handle. I dye my hair and was in a straightening frenzy right before I started CG/found this site, so I have/had some damage

I tried the Aubrey Organics GPB (yet another protein experiment) but didn't like it (found it too oily)...that was during my SheaMoisture adventure, though, so maybe I didn't give it a fair shot. I've seen good things about the Honeysuckle one? You have a bunch in your siggie! Do you have a favorite?
2b/2c--Dry climate
Medium texture/Normal Elasticity/Normal Porosity
High density

Current Routine:
Cleanser/Co-wash: VO5/AIA Coconut Co-wash
LI: Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner

Super Soaker
Styler: Homemade FSG with a small bit of coconut oil and LALSG
DT/PT: CJCR, Ion Reconstructor