I just recently started doing the CG method, I've been getting my toes wet with it for about 2 months but finally dove all in. It's great.

I'm with you, I like soft and bouncy curls. My hair is 3A or 3B, with medium texture and porosity. I have been playing with Kinky Curly Curl Custard (KCCC) and KC Knot-Today and am loving it. I was having a problem with scrunching it out initially , but watched the manufacture's video to figure it out. My hair is crunchy while I let it dry, but once it's dry and I gently squish the crunch out my curls are soft and held together. I try not to do much scrunching from the bottom, more gentle squeezing - just enough to break the cast loose. It seems to work well.

I highly reccomend looking at videos for whatever product you use - I wasn't liking the KCKT and KCCC mix initially but when used how reccomended it's awesome!

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