I had the same issue when I tried Re:Coil. At first I thought it was the magnesium sulfate, but it's so far down the ingredient list, and I've used other products with this ingredient without the same feeling. Then I figured it must be the protein or the glycerin - but again, I use other products with protein and glycerin, so I'm not sure this is it. Granted, it could be the specific type of protein (I'll have to check my other products for keratin), or the amount. I'm beginning to suspect the polyquaterniums, but I'm also just wondering if it's not one ingredient alone, but the combination/specific formulation of this product that my hair just doesn't like. I'm going to experiment with some other stylers that contain polyquats to see if I can tolerate that ingredient or not. But I'm thinking that maybe the combination of glycerin, protein, mag. sulfate, and polyquats all together in one product is just not a winning product for me.
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