Oh dear! That WAS drastic, judging from the pix! You're wise to utterly lay off hair color for a very long time. All the other suggestions are good, including a cut so you can get some of this major damaged length off, and give your hair LOTS and LOTS of TLC in the meantime. Co-washing, very little in the way of shampooing and only if you really need it, and weekly protein and very moisturizing DTs. To get this started, you might have to go and have a couple of professional-level conditioning treatments and then follow up with good stuff at home. Or at the very least, go to Sally Beauty Supply and ask for the heaviest duty protein and deep moisture treatments they can recommend for very damaged hair, which is what you have now. Great thing about Sally Beauty Supply is that they have many things in small packets, so if one treatment conditioner isn't quite to one's liking one isn't out a lot of money. It will take time to get it back in shape, but, you must also not abuse it any further with bleaching. Bleaching, and then trying to get back to a deeper color is really really hard on the hair. A lot of people try to correct color at home with disastrous results, then they have to go to a salon to have it done and pay lots of money because it might take several sessions to fix it all, and then the treatments to make the hair feel better. Best of luck!