To your first question: Go to "User CP" on the teal-ish bar near the top. On the left should be a series of options to change what you like.

To your second: It just seems like you have a lot of natural volume. I have a lot of hair, so I totally understand. And I hate to break to you, but some of us with naturally voluminous hair can never have less volume, at least for extended periods of time. (Do not get your hair thinned---it's a disaster growing it out).

Personally, I think your hair looks pretty awesome (for everyday wear), but I can see why you may not like the curl separation going on in your canopy area (or what looks to be curl separation). You can try one (or all) of the following:

1. Use a heavier gel.

2. Use a heavier seal-in.

3. Get your hair cut.

The third option seems fairly viable to me, mostly because I notice that your hair doesn't, well, have a ton of shape. Adding some shaping could cut down on awkward curl overlap, which creates a bunch of volume. This does not mean getting it thinned. If someone comes near you with thinning sheers or a razor, please run for your hair's life.

I would definitely try the first two first though....
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