OK girls, thanks for all your wonderful advice, I learned my hair is actually fine and LOW porosity (despite the claim that damaged hair causes high porosity). I also learned the conditioners I was using contained silicones, as well as the shampoo I was using had sulfates&silicones. SO... I went to the store, trashed everything I owned and started new. I got Loreal sulfate/silicone free shampoo&conditioner (since I'm going to be using less shampoo, and less frequently, I decided to start with a cheaper option).

I bought shea moisture deep conditioner for dry/damaged hair. I put the products to test, I used the deep conditioner and rinsed well, and then applied the loreal conditioner as a leave in.

(I also read every bit of the articles on this page, which changed the way I handled my hair during washing as well http://www.livecurlylivefree.com/cur...r%20basics.htm...thanks SpiralSpunk)

The results are pretty incredible:

This is only day one!! I even have a few of my ringlets back . So happy to be EDUCATED now, and on the 'road to recovery' !