Thanks for the recommendations. I have tried many Marie Dean products thanks to Kathymack but I can't stand the smells! I just discovered a DM Hairwhip sample from KM that I had lost in my stash. I tried it and my hair loved it, so I have found one more. But I would take any other recommendations...
med/coarse; porous; 2c & 3c
protein sensitive
too much glycerin and some oils give me stringlets


co-wash: Fructis Body Boost condish
low-poo: miss my LLL Green Tea, CJDF
condish/leave-in: DMLI, Elucense MB, KCKT, JCWDT, CJCR, KBB Deep Condish, Marie Dean, Shescensit GTH
style: faves: KCCC, DMCG, AOMMJ, CGG, Elucence Foam, FSG
DT: JCWDT, CJCR, SS Deep Condish

My CG Journey: