Abi is crying because she is a mean, dumb, b*itch and she's not on the winning alliance right now. She's been horrible and just... Just horrible to everyone and now she is realizing people don't like her.

Jeff gave her the out of asking if she believed it was cultural and she said it must be bc English isn't her first language (apparently this makes you be a witch?)

Everyone was laughing because she acted as if she was surprised that people thought so poorly of her.

I wish I could feel bad for her. I watched her crying and thought "it is so wrong of me that I am feeling zero empathy for her"

Meanwhile we all know I love Lisa but her need to explain herself all the time is getting on my nerves. But am glad she voted with her new group this week and I am proud of them for giving Penner the choice and when he wavered they were fine with that and moved on.

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