I brushed-up my Linked-In profile, new photo (the one with straightened hair and the blue wrap dress and pearls that I look JUST like Kate Middleton in.................), updated my resume with my current "job" (working as the artistic assistant at a local theatre) and sent away for recommendations to go on my Linked-In profile.

My former boss (the one I was with for three years) IMMEDIATELY responded.

Now, this was the dude that some people thought might be trashing me. I'm SO GLAD to have this on public record and know that is not the case!

CIBC worked in my office for almost three years. She is energetic, enthusiastic, willing to try her hand at almost any task to which she was assigned, no matter how menial or minor it may have appeared to be and possesses a wealth of theatre knowledge. As the de facto office manager in a theatrical office, CIBC coordinated all of our necessary supplies, took care of our press lists, handled all requests from charities, and her writing skills in developing and creating newsletters to investors were of great help. Her blend of composure, good humor, congeniality and diligence were a definite asset, and CIBC was not only well-liked but appreciated by everyone in the firm.