I dunno... I spent my entire life wishing I had wavy hair instead of limp, fine, straight hair. Now I have wavy hair and I just love it. Even on frizzy days! When it was straight, it looked awful when I'd pull it back because it was just so severe. When I wore it down, it had no body and just hung there. Now when I pull my hair back, it's so soft looking around my face and it doesn't look limp anymore when I wear it down. I think overall, wavies have the better end of the deal.
Hair Properties: 2A/2B, Medium-fine, Normal porosity, Normal elasticity, Medium density
Low Poo: DevaCare, Yes to Cuc's
Rinse Out: DevaCare One Condition, Yes to Cuc's
Cowash: Suave Naturals Lavender, Yes to Carrots Scalp Conditioner
Curl Cream: AG ReCoil, Organix Moroccan Oil Curl Cream
Gel/Mousse: Sweet Curls Elixirs FSG w/ Mag Sulfate added, Sweet Curls Elixirs hard hold gel, DevaCurl Frizz Free Foam, Aquage Uplifting Foam
Protein: Spiral Solutions Protein Spray for daily use