I have mostly 3a hair with some 2c and a few 3b ringlets thrown in there My favorite combination is co wash with Suave Naturals, rise out with Deva One Condition, scrunch in Iso Bouncy Creme, KCCC, and Ecostyler Krystal. Then I plop and air dry for 2 hours (my hair take 4 and 1/2 hrs to air dry fully, and my hair isn't even thick!) and then I add a little more KCCC sometimes before I diffuse. I get really shiny, soft, clumpy and chunky ringlets like this
2c/3a, fine texture, normal porosity, medium-to-thick
Co wash: Vo5 Extra Body
Conditioners: Deva One Condition, GVP CB, Loreal Evercurl
Stylers: Devacurl ArcAngel, KCCC, AG Recoil, Iso Bouncy Creme, Ecostyler Krystal, CCCCL, KCKT
Low Poo: Devacurl NoPoo, GTTT
Hair likes: plopping, diffusing, SMaster's, coconut and argan oil, honey, protein
"What makes a woman unforgettable? Her mind...surrounded by lots of naturally curly hair"