Hi Everyone,

I am new to naturallycurly.com. I am a natural mami of a 1yr old from the west indies St.Thomas USVI to be exact. So I guess I would be a west Indian american But I have been on my natural hair journey for about 3-4 years( IDR when I started). I'm unsure of my hair type.I think I'm a 3c/4a or 4a/3c. I do have issues with frizz, shrinkage, split ends and retaining the right moisture level in my hair(its either always too damp or dry). So I have decided to recommit myself to maintaining a healthy scalp and head of hair. Currently my hair is made up of a variety of lengths up top is EL and rest of my hair is CBL/SL. I also am going to be focusing on length retention. I do not have a preference how long I want my hair to be but BSL or MBL is good enough for me. So I hope that this will be a fun and interesting journey. As I figure out what works for me and my little one. I also wanted to know how do you pics on your profile and how do I create an avatar on here for my profile. Thanks