Ok so I have alopecia areata (where my hair falls out) and it started growing back a year ago. I have 3b-3c hair. I want to use natural products on my hair because I don't want to put any harsh chemicals on it. I just got into this natural hair thing lol (I mean I've aways worn my hair naturally curly, I just used things like Aussie, Pantene, blah blah). As my hair gets longer (it's past my collarbone straightened; it grows really fast), it's getting dryer and dryer. I don't know what prodocts to put on it because there are so many and I'm so confused lol. Also, I'm drying the conditioner only method, but I think I need a different conditioner because now I'm using half the bottle everytime I condition my hair (I use this conditioner called diety. Don't know if anyone's heard of it?) It used to work when my hair was shorter, now it just sits on my hair. I think I need a thick creamy conditioner. Any suggections?

Also there's a dry patch of hair in the back of my head that's so dry it just forms frizz and never curls. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME I'M DESPERATE TO HAVE HEALTHY HAIR!!

One last thing lol. I'm a teenager, I don't have a job, and my parents aren't rich lol. I can't buy like $40 palm sized bottles of product monthly lol so if you could recommend inexpensive or somewhat inexpensive products, it would be much appreciated