I couldn't sleep last night as I remembered these posts. Panic set in as I realised it's only four weeks to Christmas and all I've bought is two cards and a packet of icing.
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At least you're off to a start, I've bought nothing! I seriously hate shopping
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Awww, don't panic. Presents are not what Christmas is about. The stress and panic of buying the right present is what takes the joy from it. I don't buy until almost right before Christmas. I go shopping on the off hours when the stores are not overloaded with people. Either early in the morning (not 4am) or late at night (not 12am) or shop online and have everything delivered to the door. Take a deep breath, go and treat yourself to a coffee and doughnut, and make a list of things you want to buy. Separate it into things you can buy locally and online. See? You've got it half way done! Then decide what you can buy now or wait until next month.
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SIB I am right there with you.

And Speckla, your advice here is very wise. I try to do the same as much as I can to ease the stress of it all.