I hope everyone is able to do this at some point.

Seriously, I totally printed mine out last year! This year I suppose I could just pull up the site on my phone, but I love having paper to refer to.

I've got a list going already of bullet points on things my curly may or may not be interested in. Oh, the stress! I love it.
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Mine is on paper in my purse!!! And tomorrow the shopping begins . . .

ETA: one thing I had had in mind for my curly I found out today is ILLEGAL to ship to this curly's location!!! Drat! Back to the drawing board......more rereading the list and plotting and scheming!!!!!!!!!
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that happened to me too! I went into the supermarket to buy some treats which came packaged with the cutest grater, ever! I realised it would not make it past customs. Such a shame.
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Sorry it happened to you too but at least I am not alone in scoping out the contraband I think my curly would like