I am a single mom to a very busy 16 month old girl named Kennedy.


-anything from your part of the country
-wild nail polish for my toe nails
-handmade stuff
-citrus scents, orange is the best

Kennedy's Likes:



-coffee, tea, floral scents


I have started a Christmas ornament collection for Kennedy. I collect fairies.


Please do not send lotions or bath stuff. I have very sensitive skin and an allergy to perfume. I'm also allergic to nickel, so while I love earrings I can only wear real gold.


I have 5 cats and a toddler so knick knack stuff and candles are pretty much useless for me, though I do have a place to put my fairies where they can't get broken. I hate coffee with a passion. I like jewellery but there's that whole toddler thing again.

My birthday is in February, birthstone is Amethyst. Kennedy is July, birthstone is Ruby.

I have been doing this swap for years and some of the best gifts have been local to your area products and handmade stuff. Two years ago I got a handmade sign with butterflies on it that I used as inspiration for my daughter's nursery. I still have a piece of art that was given to me many years ago, my Santa bought it from a local artist. Last year Kennedy got an ornament with her name on it and that made me cry.