Marshmallow Moisture Balm

Okay so I was debating whether to review this now, or order more product, use it for a month using it the way it is intended and then review it. But honestly - I've gotten great results from using it the wrong way, so I can only imagine the results when using it the proper way. =D


This product has a balm look and feel, when I first used it I thought it was a bit too creamy or thin to be a balm but then I thought of lip balms and it is actually quite similar in look and feel to a lip balms texture.
The product is very pretty also, it's pink pearly looking, very pretty. It has hisbiscus extract hence the pink color.


I first used this on freshly washed, deep conditioned, rinsed hair.
I then used it later on top of dry hair, that already had gel and a leave in on top of it.

Applying to wet hair as a leave in with just some oil applied to felt like I was putting water on my hair. So my first reaction was..."ummm this is different...o.0"
I guess I was expecting a typical leave in type of product and feel. lol I twisted my hair, woke up to somewhat soft hair, lol. I didn't think it did anything until I rinsed my hair to style it in the morning.

My hair usually when wet it can take a little bit to feel saturated full, my hair has never had chronic dry hair issues though honestly. However my hair didn't always retain water/moisture that well. I don't know how to explain it, but my hair seem to become wetter with less time that morning.

Rinsing my hair that morning my curls sprang and clumped with just water, I was impressed. It felt insanely soft, and had 'water weight' even after drying a bit with a micro fiber towel (I always like to keep a good weight of water in my hair so my gel goes on evenly in every section.)


Applying to dry hair, it instantly softens my hair, and absorbs very quickly into the hair. So I then thought "'s a moisturizer for dry hair,duh!"

I then thought well I guess this would be a great moisturizing for the end of the day before bed, and to use to refresh my curls. I applied more to dry hair in the morning after untwisting - my hair still had gel on it so I thought maybe it could be good at re-activating the gel/curls as well.

It works well that way also. So I was happy and thinking that I had it figured out finally.

I rinsed my hair the next morning, same results, great clumping, retention, shine, etc.
I found myself very confused as my hair was changing on me, lol. I just wasn't use to this type of moisture retention with such little work. I was scared it was too good to be true :I lol

Anyways I have no cons really with this product, I am planning on getting the 32oz of the product and reviewing it after using it for a longer time. Because I feel like this product packs a bit of a punch in the moisture dept. It deserves a more in dept. reviewing. The product is a base, unscented so you can scent however you want.

I actually emailed customer service about how the product was intended to be used, and when.
He told me it is meant to be used on freshly washed hair, as a leave in, before any other products. So that means after you wash, DC, and do whatever else you're going to do that involves rinsing a product out...apply this BEFORE your conditioner leave in, oils, butters, etc.

I intend on using the larger size this way, as well as on dry hair. I've gotten such amazing results just in a few days...even after not using it (I ran out of the sample size) my hair is reaping the benefits of the product. I also plan on using it as a dry hair moisturizer/curl refresher as well because it also works well for those purposes. =D