Naw, you're not the only one. I spent $170 on hair alone:

Pura Body Murumu Hair Milk
Pura Body Sapote Hair Lotion

Hydroqenchsytems 16 oz Greaseless Hair moisturizer, and
4 - 8oz jars of various Lime Oils
Camille Rose Curling Moisturizer (okay, I'm fudging on some of these names cuz I don't feel like looking them up)
BASK cupuacu body serum oil
Henna Sooq Cocoveda in the LARGE bottle.

and Pre BF Sale:
Heritage Hydration Jar of Joe
Afroveda conditioners

and Just Because:
Chagrin Valley soap samples

Hell, when all else fails, shop!!!
Originally Posted by BugEyeZ
Please let me know how the Pura Body products turn out! I was this close buying it because of their BOGO sale. I was intrigued by all the foreign oils they use in their products. I've never used any of those oils (Mango butter, Cupuacu butter, Brazil nut oil, etc) so I wanted to test them out.
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