I'm copying my list from the last 5 years and modifying!

Favorite Foods: Italian, Chinese, anything I don't have to cook! I love good coffee (decaf whole bean) (no sumatra or other "earthy" coffees)

Favorite Candy: Good dark chocolate

Favorite Scent: Lavender, Vanilla, Peppermint; food scents like coffee, cookies (not spicy like cinnamon, etc)

Favorite Hobby: Reading, surfing the net (here!), walking, traveling, painting my nails

Favorite books: Fantasy (D&D type), sci-fi, light romance. Favorite author: R.A. Salvatore (I don't have any books from R.A. Salvatore from the last couple of years)

Favorite animal: wolves, dogs, my dog Jasper

Favorite Colors: Teal and Purple. I like to wear these colors the most, and have them around the house. I change out decorations in the living room from purples(fall) to peaches and teals (spring/summer), depending on the season. I like reds and blues for Christmas.

Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: (can't think of anything right now, I'll update if I think of anything) But I'll put types: New Age, smooth jazz, rock, reggae.... (anything but country/western or rap)

Do you collect anything? Not anymore. I don't have room for any more knick-knacks! Well, maybe C'mas decos are ok, like snowmen.

Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need?
Good nail polish (3+free) like Zoya, China Glaze, OPI, Nubar; good top/base coats too.

Do you wear accessories/jewelry? I have pierced ears, I wear both gold and silver jewelry. I love old coins (roman, french, etc) -- a pendant or something would be great.

What month is your birthday? July, but most lab rubies are way too pink. Moonstone is another July stone, and I like that. But I love teal/ocean colors in stones, etc like aquamarine, blue topaz...

What color(s)/theme is your bathroom and bedroom? Light teals and blues, like seafoam and light peaches (tropical/beachy)

Anything else you would like your SS to know about you: Married with one teen son and a dog. We celebrate Christmas. We love snowmen. Anything regional or special to you or your area would be nice.

Prefer not to get: please no candles (I have tons to burn through, and more holders than I can use), no body wash (unless it's sulfate-free)

As always, anything my SC chooses will be special and greatly appreciated. I have never gotten anything I didn't love so far.

no sig req'd, but delivery confirmation is good!

*** I'll modify if I think of anything else.

ETA: I thought of something else! I'd like this CD -- http://www.amazon.com/Simply-Red-25-...I3T88A9306D0MK
If it's too late, that's OK too, but I wanted to give another suggestion.

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