Last week, I visited a hair salon to have some hair extensions clipped in and have my hair styled for a special occasion (using a hair straightener). I normally don't use heat styling at all - I let my hair dry naturally and some serum through it to keep it from going frizzy. I get it heat styled maybe 1-2 times a year for special occasions.

Normally, when I have this done, I wash my hair the next day and it goes back to normal pretty much straight away.

This time it has not. I have washed my hair 7 times since having it done and it is still not back to it's curly self. It is now a weird combination of sort of straight with some kinks and curls at the ends.

This is really bothering me as my hair is thinning and the curls made it look like it had a lot more volume. Now my hair looks thinner and pretty limp (although it is softer/smoother which is weird). I think it may have been caused by the hairdresser pulling down on my hair harder than usual. I did tell her to do it softer, which she did, but she then went back to pulling down harder again.

I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on products or techniques to try?