Thanks. I will consider this though I'm so addicted to color and Mary Pat said she colors and the protein penetrates the shaft and strengthens her hair. There are some natural colors I'm looking into: https://www.ecocolors.net/index.cfm?...omparisonChart

And The Gold Standard in Haircolor. Try it today.

But I have to look into ingredients.

I was going to try Matrix SoColor in the meantime. I'm just so not into my grays -

But I want what you're saying to be the solution to my hair stuff and yet, I don't know. Whenever I've colored in the past, I've had great results with my hair looking amazing for a few weeks (before it fades) and feeling strong and shiny. So it's hard for my brain to make that connection.
3b/fine/normal porosity/normal elasticity

LOVES behentrimonium methosulfate
(don't ask me to pronounce that!)

Want to grow it long again!
And simply want to figure out this hair of mine!