Mac Viva Glam, I think it's 5 or 6.

Mac Ruby Woo.
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Next question, what do you use under the ruby woo? Lip liner? Anti feathering stick? I'm so afraid of feathering or the dreaded lipstick on teeth!

Those colors are beautiful BTW. Will most likely get both of them. I'm also interested in the Nars matte pencil in Cruella. It's liner and lipstick all in one.
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I use lip primer, foundation then powder. I generally use liner just around the edges. That should prevent feathering.

To keep lipstick off your teeth try this: Form an O with your mouth around your finger, and gently slide your finger straight out of your mouth. Any lip colour that was on your inner lips is now on your finger. This step is crucial, as lip colours on the inner lips will rub off onto teeth after you've left the mirror.

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