I am going to suggest ACV as well. I do this once a week after low poo, detangler condish, DT. My curls pop afterwards.

But having them stay in place is difficult without good products which are really hard to get in BrisVegas. Price attack has some styling prods esp for curly hair. Also black is black hairdresser on the coast have some CG prods too. my hair loves cantu Shea leave in - not CG I don't think.

Also just back from hols in the hot hunid sun where we were swimming a lot and my hair became so frizzy. In the end I was just co-washing my hair with a DT after and leaving that in for the day. When I got home after swimming in the pool and ocean, I rinsed off, co-washed and sometimes use a ACV rinse. Once I figured out this routine it worked well

Do yr styling products have glycerin in them? Some people say it makes all the difference

Goodluck with figuring out yr hair. Everyone's different so it's really a matter of trial and error

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