I have had an account for awhile.I have for months been reading but with my original account( my email have never been able to post or ask any questions) lol go figure today I jut logged in using my FB id and I am finally able to join conversations lol
I have been following the CG method for awhile and love it .All my life I have had my mom try to make me like my sister .Lol impossible to be honest as she has straight fine hair and I always had a head full of curls .
It was hard for me to figure out my hair type because looking at the pictures I never really fit into any picture group and they all looked to vary as well even in the same group .First to begin I am half Chinese and the other half a mix of amerindean indian ,chinese again lol ,german ,Portuguese and indian .No wonder it`s confusing . Anyways I went to a devachan trains stylist a month a go who told me I was actually a Botticelli and showed me a difference between her other clients who had corkscrew and corkicelli curls .She said my curl or if you want to call it wave pattern is too loose for those.She did not tell me which number type I am though .And I am so curious in finding out !
okay this picture was from when I first started trying Cg myself so since then I have learned to use clips at the top for height ...lol
if someone can let me know if i am a 3b or 3c would help