I wouldn't want to date/marry someone who was currently doing porn. The whole having sex with other people thing would get to me after awhile.
But if I liked/loved someone who USED to do porn I would date/marry them. I think I would have a harder time marrying a right wing conservative. : )
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This. I could see myself with someone who used to do it.

I could see dating someone who is currently doing it casually (hello James Deen) if I was not looking for serious commitment but I could not see being seriously involved with someone in that profession. Then again, like WhoMe? said, I don't think I would be happy seriously involved with someone who was in any sort of an entertainment/nightclub career. It would be an incompatible lifestyle for me, not just the sex but the hours, the public exposure in general.
To Trenell, MizKerri and geeky:
I pray none of you ever has to live in a communist state.

Geeky is my hero. She's the true badass. The badass who doesn't even need to be a badass. There aren't enough O's in cool to describe her.