I think both pics look good. It seems like CG gives his less volume. I personally don't care for big hair so I like the second pic better. I am modified CG. Full CG makes my hair greasy but I naturally have an oily scalp. Your son's hair doesn't look greasy. I wonder if you lied to your husband and said you used shampoo if his opinion would change. Sometimes it's the idea of not shampooing that turns someone off more so than the actual result.
Originally Posted by multicultcurly
Myself without the cg my hair has no curl definition
That is probably why I love CG. Actually I had not even
Told my husband till after he started complaining. About what the
CG method was.he had no idea I did not use shampoo.
I just washed my sons hair with Devacurl one conditioner
Then left a pea size amount in his wet hair to dry. First time
And my husband advised whatever it was I did to his son's hair
He wanted it out because it looked greasy.
My son does not want to cut his hair and I fully support
His choice,even more due to the amount of people complaining
To me about his hair being cut
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