So I havenít really been following the CG method to a teeÖ I use naked kids shampoo because it has no sulphates or silicones (iím not sure about the other ingredients though- I believe it to be okay). I have the boots intensive hair mask (coconut one) that I use as my conditioner. I try to only wash my hair twice a week, sometimes I have to do three. That said, it doesnít always look Ďgreatí.

Iím thinking that I maybe have a build up of product in my hair and so the shampoo/conditioners that I use arenít working well enough. Iím currently at University, and so when I go home this weekend I plan to use a sulphate shampoo and start again.

When my hair is washed, I usually use a microfibre towel to scrunch it a little dry, but then I put my hair in a bun on my head. I think I should try plopping! I occasionally pineapple at night, but I donít know how much that works for me to be honest xD I occasionally comb my hair in the shower when I have conditioner on it, but never at any other time.

This is what it looked like a couple of months ago, just after having it cut:

This one was taken around 4 months ago and it just looks so much nicer!

And this is what it looks like todayÖ A mess xD I have straight bits! Now I think I have 2B typeÖ I very occasionally get ringlets at the bottoms of my hair, but it hasnít happened in a while.

Iím having it cut on Saturday, and Iím going to get more layers put in for volume. My hair just seems to be flat and lifeless at the momentÖ I also have a lot of split ends at the bottom!

Iím looking for a good leave-in conditioner that I could useÖ I have the Boots curl creme and it works okay, but I sometimes just canít get rid of the crunchiness. I also need to by a hairdryer diffuser, because I havenít got one, my hairdryer makes my hair frizz, and so I leave my hair to dry naturally. (Which is of course probably the best, but isnít always possible when your hair takes hours to dry!)

Maybe I need to try just co-washing. I need to buy new products (my others are almost done anyway!), so can anyone recommend a good conditioner for washing, and one for conditioning? Hmm. I'm in the UK by the way!

Thanks if you read this all the way through XD I know itís long!