Im white and have the complete opposite type of hair from my 2 year old daughter, ive been doing some research and i've come to find she has 4c type hair..Im very lost as to what all the terms mean like consealing and banding ext. Im in need of some help keeping her hair mosit and getting it grow, but i dont have 100's of dollars to spend on hair products i'd love it if someone could help me.
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Although I myself am not an expert I truly think
That the curly girl book from Lorraine Massey really would help.
No matter the type of hair it really would benefit.
You also do not even have to buy her products
To upkeep's the know ledge in knowing which
Products to buy ( inexpensive or not) that would benefit
It's about adding moisture and not using sulphates or silicones
A Curly Girl living in a barbie World