Thanks for all of the suggestions! I think I'm just going to have to go short, Although having actually googled pixie cuts for curly hair some of them do actually look quite good lol And it would definitely reduce drying time!

As to what hair products I use... I try to use as little as possible. I've started the no-poo thing and using a non-silicone conditioner. Once out of the shower I use a hair serum. If it's a windy or rainy day I would then use a mouse.

And I've just started blow-drying my hair! I did once use a diffuser but I think I used it wrong because I've been doing this for a few days and my hair is so much curlier! Unfortunately it still looks very thin... but has more volume which is good

So... I think when I have some money I'll try and find a good hairdresser and get my hair cut short! I'll post pics afterwards if anyone is interested