I feel like I'm surrounded by people arguing about light skin vs dark skin when at the end of the day it's all black. I'm tired of people asking "what are you?" or "is you mother white?". I never had this problem before but since moving to Mississippi. It's been an everyday thing. I'm Black first and creole second but regardless of what other people think I see creole as more of my culture than anything. I'm not okay with being called that mixed girl but that's something most girl at my school would love. Most females at my school wish they were lighter or avoid the beach just because they fear getting darker. The guys walk around talking about how much better "light skin" girls are. People insist that Prettiest girl in our school would be better if she was light skin. If you pretty your pretty regardless of your skin color. People try to explain to be that I'm "red" therefore i can't be black. People will spend 10 minutes debating why my hair's curly and not "nappy". I'm tired of this. I wish people were just as about their education as they are race. I wish race exist but it does. People should stop wasting time trying to divid us.