. The new one may be just as good, but it's no longer such a good value, IMO. The ingredients have changed, but there's nothing in the new one that sounds bad to me
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There's nothing in the new formulation that sounds bad, but if you notice, they took out several ingredients that were GOOD. I just bought the new one, and I did an ingredient comparison tonight, and am not happy to see the changes. I'm seriously thinking of taking it back.
I agree with you, it's not at all a good value any longer: the size is several ounces smaller, and it costs (here at my Target, anyway) only a dollar less. So where I used to pay $8.99 for roughly 14oz, I now pay $7.99 for 10oz. That terrible value. Especially when they leave out the best ingredients: the moisturizers.
Take a closer look: the oils are gone. The old formula had olive oil, jojoba oil, and gree tea extract. Olive and jojoba are rich and moisturizing and helped give it its slip.
The new formulation substitutes apricot oil for the other two: a lighter oil that has conditioning properties, but is not particularly moisturizing. It's a nice oil - I add it to my FSG because it's a nice light oil, but IMO it's too light to be the only oil in a conditioner.
They also added "fillers" to take the place of the great ingredients they took out - see the glycerin there toward the bottom? That's new, and it's totally unnecessary... except as a filler. That's sneaky, and I don't like a company that does that.

I am going to try out the new formula of YTCucs, but I have a bad feeling about it, like another old favorite bit the dust Good thing I saved my reciept. I have a feeling I'll be looking for another HG condish after all.
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