Thanks for the reassurance. I never stand up to my parents, but then again this is something that really hits me deep because now they want to change something that is a part of me just because it's what they want. I don't like dissapointing them or making them angry, but just because I'm their child doesn't mean I don't have rights too, right?

Asianrunner, his reasoning is simply that he prefers my hair straight. He thinks it makes me look prettier, more presentable, and that its just overall superior to my curls. He said (about the refusing to let me get my permit-and I quote) " If you don't do something I really want then I wont give you something you really want, see how it feels". I knew he preferred my hair straight, but I had no idea how extreme his preference went...
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At age 40, I'm actually old enough to be your father but that's another story. LOL You're taking the right approach. I have three little kids (two girls). Short my daughters coming home with a shaved head or dyed pink or purple, etc., I'm going to be pretty hands off on how they wear their hair. Definitely on the curly/straight front. My hair is actually curlier than both daughters.

Do your thing with the curls. I mean what's he going to do kick you out of the house if you don't straighten it? And if he goes that far someone should kick him in the ass.