Hiya I was relaxed from when I was 3 years old so I understand what tou'll be facing. I've transitioning for 20months and plan to mini chop off the rest of my straight ends in some hours. Unfortunately it is too early to determine your curl pattern and it's only once all the relaxed ends are gone that you will know. Even then depending on your age, hormones, hair products sometimes your curl pattern can alter. I big chopped my nape area months ago but what most of the time seems to be 4c can be looser looking at times and I hardly use any heat. Also remember you need be vary that you are now dealing with 2 textures and that as te months go on by some days will be easy, some difficult and other days your hair could wake up and say 'Yah change your conditioner because I'm over it' :P Hope that answers everything for you.

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