Why are credit checks like random drug tests? I owe company A. Now that i'm back on the up & up with them, here comes company B talking about we checked your credit & want to close your 0 balance card with a 3000 limit. Wtf? That's a 30pt hit! I'm done with credit. God forbid you struggle for six months trying to find work & when you do, these big businesses have trampled all over your FICO score. I'm paying these other jokers off & i'm closing all but my one major card. I hate how the reporting agencies have turned this industry into a joke. F the "700" club.
I want to be in the "rich enough to use my own money" club. By Feb. I will be.

Every teardrop is a waterfall
About my hair:
weekly shampoo-HE Honey I'm Strong
daily conditioner-HE Honey I'm Strong (use as li)
go to style-Pocahontas braids