I have read the other replies here and I have a few more words. to my fellow curlies: your responses are well intended but you are essentially advising this young woman to PLEASE an adult man, with whom there is a huge imbalance of power (he is her father); no one has identified this as controlling and abusive behavior. I am. Moreover, would the responses be the same if she was a male? well, if she was a male, this would not be happening at all, would it? So, the advise here is essentially to placate a controlling father; for her to be a "good girl" and do what she "needs" to do to calm him down. Sorry, but that sounds like the advise society used to give battered women to cope with their abusers. She needs to stand up to him. Sorry, thats how it is. If she doesnt start now, she will be bending to every man who wants to control her. My sympathies, Wavy, if you need more help with this, contact me privately.